Best home security outdoor Surveillance Cameras in 2019

Best home security outdoor Surveillance Cameras in 2019

Stay in charge of your environment with this list of the Best home security outdoor Surveillance Cameras in 2019.

We all underplay the importance of security in our homes, offices and work stations until we encounter an event that forces us to make amends. Unfortunately, such events often come with a larger, sometimes unbearable price when compared against the cost of a surveillance camera.

Make that effort now.

Keep your environment safe and happy, that of course with a bit of style.
Before we move up to the list you probably should be certain which camera features are you in need of, this helps you make the best choice;

1:- Weatherproof and waterproof
This feature is must have if your camera is desired to last long

2:- Camera angle.
If you are interested in covering a wide space with a single camera or you rather prefer multiple cameras doing the job for you. The wider angled camera has a broader field of view as compared with a small angle camera.

3:- Night vision.
Ironically so, the period when the service of a camera is most needed is the night but that never happened easy, until night vision came along.
The inclusion of infrared technology enables the camera to see while it is dark.

4:- Camera Style.
The dome design does not have an easy to detect line of site, unlike the spooky bullet design.
Therefore the dome is said to be more deterring to intruders.

Video Resolution.Clear images are easier to see, high definition cameras of 1080p or higher are a good place to start. This definition also determines the video size and its compatibility with viewing devices this leads me to my next point.

Recording Capacity.
Here’s one important this you should equally plan for; a 1080p HD camera recording for up to 24 hours would need nothing less than 24-gigabyte storage space.

Here are the top 27 Cameras 2019;

camera outdoor

Nest Security Camera.

The Nest Company took on the motto “Tough on bad guys, easy on you”, this probably because they have a template based on a mix of class, quality and a mean streak of just wanting to smoke out bad guys.

This nest security camera adds a bit of simplicity to itself, whether you are interested in hanging an ‘eye’ by your front door, or the driveway.

The camera works with Alexa voice control, it is waterproof, weatherproof, and plugs right into your home circuit as dead batteries become a thing of the past.

It also comes with Nest alerts, a tool that listens to sound, senses motion and keeps a close monitor on the follow-up events for the next three hours. These actions are taken on automation, and it sends you pictures of what triggered the cascade.

It also has an end to end mic-speaker connection which enables the user to instruct anybody by the front door to take an action, even when you are not at home.

It gets better, your Nest camera is built smart enough to flicker your smart light-bulb to draw your attention, or may be used to instruct your smart washer and drier to take care of the next load of laundry. There are a ‘works with nest’ badge on items that are compatible with this camera.

There also is cloud storage for your 1080p video in the Nest database and the camera is capable of 8X digital zoom in.

Now the honest side; as great as this camera is, people often complain of it wearing out a little too early, starts right after the Nest aware trial period is over.

The Company, however, suggests it was a faulty internet connection that is hindering the working of the app.

Never the less, it’s a great camera.
Find it here.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm.

So you are interested in something off the hook yet in need or reliable security, Ring Floodlight camera gives you the best of it.

It’s equipped with 2-way talk, light, and siren, and with this, you can see, hear and talk to whoever is at the other end of the camera.

It also has floodlights too reveal whatever is concealed in the darkness of the night, and you may activate the siren (which also auto triggers via motion sensors to call your attention) if you notice anything suspicious, all just to provide you with efficient security.

This camera is also compatible with Alexa operating devices; which means you can instruct the camera to change a viewing angle across 270 ° by mere voice prompt, enjoy night vision and lifetime theft protection.

The camera is hard-wired deep into the electrical boxes and it is waterproof and weatherproof.

There are certain flaws you may need to know about though;

You can’t save captured video to a private FTP server, and
Some say the motion sensor refuses to work at night as a user complained he walked past the camera a couple of times in the night and it failed to raise an Alarm, another user followed up with an argument that the camera already recognizes its user, therefore it had no need to blare the alarm.

I’m not the geeky tech guy so I can’t tell for sure what the favorite argument is. Anyway, for your own verdicts.
Find this item here.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

Here is another Ring product, not hard-wired into your home electricity box but uses a battery instead.

Just like most other Ring products this camera is subject to remote controlling via Wi-Fi, it has siren alerts (including motion sensors), the usual infrared captured night vision and of course lifetime theft protection, in case your camera ever gets stolen.

This camera is relatively cheaper than the previous as it uses an array of LED lights instead of the floodlight to see at night.

This, of course, means it comes as black and white as is general with IR LEDs. It is compatible with Alexa, iOS, and Mac, it also has high survivability as it is built waterproof and weatherproof.  It provides 1080p high definition videos recorded on an SD or micro SD card.

The batteries last about 30 days and if you want you may construct a solar panel to automatically recharge the cells while it is being used. This way your security camera never runs out of power. The motion sensors range to as far as 60 feet away.

Some users complain of inconsistencies in connecting the camera to their Wi-Fi router, while some users appraised the company for designing such a perfect product, so I guess it’s a technical fault with specific cameras. If you decide to buy, be ready to take advantage of the warranty.

Find this product here.

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren

Arlo cameras are also great at keeping secure environments. It is Rechargeable and 100% wire-free, so it’s easy to place in strategic positions without being noticed.

It is compatible with Alexa devices and most other virtual assistants (sold separately).

It offers night vision with a 25 feet long light beam using 850nm LEDs and over 100-decibel smart siren and a video resolution configured up to 1080 by 720 with a 130 ° angle lens.

It is water and weatherproof, so it’s usable under any conditions, with two-way audio with a push to talk mic capabilities.

But here’s the kicker

People say the video quality is relatively poor as compared against other brands.

Click here to see for yourself.

CANARY (CAN600USBK) Flex Indoor Outdoor HD Security Camera.

A time may come when ‘simple’ is what you feel you need, Canary cameras give you the best of ‘simple’.

This camera has a gentle look with the usual capabilities of SmartCams, i.e. it is capable of infrared night vision, works with a separately sold Alexa device, HD video with its wide angle lens.

It also has an automatic pan and zooms at night, and motion detection with smart alerts.

The motion detectors function on a different level as it has AI technology that filters out unimportant motion but properly identifies a threat when it’s seen.

The camera has a special feature of one-touch emergency service integrated with it. With this, you can contact the police, ambulance or fire services in a single touch.

Now, you must know,

This camera is just as badass as it gets, but some users still do complain the siren sounding system is not automated, and most of its cool features seem to be dependent on the Canary subscription.

So in my experience with devices, I like simplicity just as much as I love sophistication, but the issue is; to achieve the perfect sophistication without dropping the quality of the primary service such devices are designed to provide, not too easy.

This is why the Canary remains one of my favorites, regardless of the bad reviews. It has been able to strike a balance between sophistication and simplicity, therefore its primary service of surveillance has not been disturbed at all.

Find this camera here.

Amcrest ProHD 1080P 4CH Video Home Security Camera System

Who goes there?

The moment you utter this question out loud, you already agreed to the possibility of a threat walking on your property.

Save yourself this hassle by getting a camera that sees the details, like the Amcrest proHD. With its 2-megapixel high Def resolution, your line of sight is extra clear.

It’s an easy plug and play set up, installed into your home security in no time and with minimal effort. It has a pentabrid DVR which is able to transmit audio and video through a single BNC cable, saves you the troubles of numerous wires and entanglement.

A unit comes with four cameras and a DVR, each camera has an angle of 103°, offering you a good viewing. It also has night vision (enhanced by 18 powerful IR-LEDs) and motion detection which spans out to about 98 feet away, and sends texts and email notifications upon activation.

The camera build is waterproof while the DVR has a 1 terabyte hard disk space,

Recording overrides the earliest videos so you can view the latest footages.

Amcrest also offers a full 1-year US warranty on this camera with lifetime support of your Amcrest surveillance unit ever gets stolen.


It’s been reported to develop issues with the remote viewing after some time and some units of the Amcrest camera refuses to respond to the default password (mostly solved by using the company-given super passwords).

Find this product here

Amcrest WLD895 720P 4CH 7-Inch Wireless Video Surveillance System

Make no bones about it, this camera is a lot less expensive to the previous Amcrest definitely because you are getting a single camera here while the previous offers 4, and the truth is; this single bullet camera has a lot more sophistication designed into it.

Let’s break it down.

It comes with its own 7-inch touch-screen monitor and it has 4 channels for 5 cameras with a distance of 300 meters, beats your regular Wi-Fi transmission.

The unit operates with the Amcrest Sight app on any other smartphone or tablet,

The IP 66 weatherproof camera comes with a storage unit in the form of a micro SD card and a clear 720p video quality. Night vision is provided by 20 infrared LEDs which go about 32 feet into the darkness and a PIR based motion detection system.

Setting up doesn’t require an internet connection.

Issues related to the camera are not major except that TV at the display has no holes to be mounted in the wall with, and app notifications may cease to pop up after a while, hopefully, tech support has got this covered if it ever happens.

Find this camera here.

Amccrest UltraHD 4-Megapixel 4CH Video Security System

The culture of adding ‘ultra’ to identify a superior version of equipment is what we are looking at here, while too many companies fail to take it upon themselves to improve a product that has had bad reviews, Amcrest succeeded.

The Amcrest UltraHD is the bigger deal here, It pushes the product a little beyond ordinary, alongside the usual night vision, motion detector, 1 terabyte hard disk space and your automatic notifications, this build is based 4 megapixel HD resolution, now that’s not something you don’t see often, is it?

With this, your line of sight becomes ultra clear and your zoom effects share this benefit too.

Apart from the unit specific errors that come with some (not all) cameras in this group, this is actually a good product. I noticed someone complaining the camera had a battery dead on arrival, and one of the 4 cameras was unable to auto switch to night mode in a low light condition, and some people complained that the HD isn’t so HD, all the same, it is easy to set up and you would have a 1 year warranty

Find this product here.

Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

 Another simple surveillance set up Blink XT home security camera comes specially designed for the concealing.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor, it is weatherproof and can combine up to 10 separate camera units on one single Blink sync module.

It has an in-built motion detector that automatically triggers an alarm upon the perception of threats on your property.

It records the triggering event on a cloud while sending you an alert on your Smartphone via Wi-Fi.

The Blink XT Home security camera comes with a pair of non-rechargeable batteries that lasts for up to 2 years while saving you the need for cables.

Free Blink home monitor device compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers you an interface with the camera units, with this you can control the cameras’ activities manually like zoom and activate night vision. The app also receives alerts and works with Alexa voice control.

How about this;

With this surveillance unit, you are entirely free of any form of subscription or subsequent payments and yet you’d have free cloud storage.

Guess you have your perfect surveillance unit here already, except for certain complaints about the use of Wi-Fi for up to 5 cameras, how good your WI-FI coverage has to be in order to sync with all cameras which certainly would be placed quite a distance apart.

But come on,

It’s got an insanely large battery life, beats any other battery operated surveillance camera.

I think that may redeem it from the Wi-Fi fault.

Find this camera here.

TriVision Outdoor Security Camera Wi-Fi POE HD 1080P with Long Range Motion Sensor.

Reminds me of college, where I was nicknamed spooky because I called bullet cameras the same name “spooky”. This TriVision outdoor security camera deserves that nickname too.

It offers awesome features for a good price; features like 1080p full HD video, motion alerts and alarm recordings with your iOS and Android devices.  A combination of Wi-Fi and POE allows a camera to be installed at distances difficult for Wi-Fi alone to reach.

Has no use for power cables so you are able to fix it anywhere while its waterproof and weatherproof aluminum enclosure helps it withstand any outdoor condition.

It has 8 infrared LEDs that automatically respond to low light conditions by activating infrared, covering up to 60 feet in total darkness.

The POE powers the camera around 12 to 48 volts of direct current through a breakout box.

You’d also enjoy a 90° field of view through its 4mm focal length, with this recognition is enhanced for people or items as far as 30 feet away, while its motion sensors go about 300 feet away.

This surveillance camera also comes with SD, DVR, and cloud storage units, but the single most interesting feature this camera has is that it needs no online subscription or monthly storage fees yet it offers cloud storage.

This camera has had great reviews, it has a firmware upgrade available that betters the output picture and pretty it’s durable.

See this camera here

Trivision Outdoor Security Camera Wireless Wi-Fi, POE, HD 1080P

TriVision is offering a variety of its own and I think it’s worth looking into.
The major difference being that it’s got 24 high power LEDs, twice as much as the previous in enhancing IR viewing at night but still only see as far as 60 feet while the previous sees up to 90 feet.

You still have all features from the previous available here such as the motion detection, waterproof and weatherproof, triggered an alarm and here you are still free of online subscription and monthly fees, therefore only technical problems or problems with wear and tear may arise, you don’t get very limited services because your subscription ended.

However you can decide to back up your security feeds on a network drive if you want, the system equally supports this.

The POE (Power over Ethernet) is still available so your camera can go as far into the woods, away from household electric sockets as you want it.
Finally, your 1-year warranty is intact, alongside a 90 days labor warranty and lifetime support.

You may face issues such as the camera being unable to maintain a router connection as the moment you make changes to your network settings the camera becomes inaccessible and this means you’d have to go through the whole process of a cabled factory reset which is not so cool for a wireless system.

That being said, it is a great surveillance unit with a pretty friendly price tag.

Find this camera here.

Firstrend 1080P Wireless Security Camera System, 8CH Wireless NVR System

Firstrend and the 8 pieces.

That’s what this guy right here brings to the table,

Home surveillance scarcely gets any better than this.

This unit comes with 8 pieces of 1080p HD bullet cameras and 8ch NVR recorder with a 3 terabyte internal memory and supports up to 4 terabytes extra memory.

Enjoy its plug to play features as your unit comes ready (camera and NVR paired), it runs on electricity right from your sockets with an adapter, the cameras and NVR are separately connected but the NVR is able to act by centrally connecting the TV monitor, cameras, Wi-Fi/LAN and give you live feeds in no time.

It can be monitored remotely from your iOS, Android devices and PC with the aid of a free downloaded app, it also comes with motion detection which triggers email and app alerts and 6 infrared LEDs provides night vision up to 65 feet out.

Finally, it has a 1-year warranty and a 60-day free return feature, now that’s good customer ethics.

The only issue it may have is the few blips with remote monitoring using the software, nevertheless, great surveillance here guys.

Find this item here

Firstrend 1080P Wireless Security Camera System, 8CH Wireless NVR System

So here’s the little brother to the previous Firstrend, you’d find them entirely similar except for the fact that the inbuilt memory here is 2 terabytes as against 3 terabytes from the previous and this comes with four cameras while the previous Comes with 8, although this might as well be extended to 8 cameras.

You still have all primary features from the previous be present here,  such as the waterproof and weatherproof casing, 65 feet wide night vision capacity,  quick setup to give you a sharp image and a free mobile app for monitoring via email or application alerts.

It is wireless and Ethernet-enabled depending on your preferences.

You still get a 1-year warranty on all parts and a 60-day free return (guess there’s a money-back effect to this).

As expected, of course, the 8 cameras 3 terabytes surveillance unit is more expensive than this but regardless, they offer the same warranty benefit.
It requires no setup password and it works well between -50 to +122 ° Fahrenheit.

The motion sensor set up could be a little tricky but once you follow the instructions step by step, you are good to go. The company has great customer support, and I’m sure you would be fine with this product.

Find it here.

Firstrend Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor, 1080P NVR Security Camera System

So here’s the deal,

Firstrend seems to understand this surveillance game quite well, where some people want maximum sophistication, some others are OK with the basic features like local recording, alarm and motion detection. So the company keeps showing up with good varieties, depending on what amount you are willing to pay.

This surveillance game quite well, where some people want maximum sophistication, some others are OK with the basic features like local recording, alarm and motion detection. So the company keeps showing up with good varieties, depending on what amount you are willing to pay.

This is the 3rd on the list from Firstrend, its features are not so far from the last two; 960p HD video quality with a 2 terabyte hard drive.

Apart from these few, all other features are same with the previous two,
such as; working temperature, Wi-Fi range, waterproof and weatherproof, instant email and mobile alerts, remote motoring, and playback features. You equally have your 60-day money back and 12-month warranty intact.

Bottom line is;

All three of the Firstrend cameras are of the same design, but the variations are made such that the lower pixel camera has a lower price tag and vice versa.

This particular version is sometimes written to be 1080p but be warned, that’s not correct its 960, still quite HD for me, just pointing this out for the sake of clarity.

Your NVR firmware may be needy of an update if your motion detection is to work properly.

It’s a great surveillance unit altogether, I recommend it.

Find this product here.

Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I CCTV POE 3MP Bullet IP HD Security Network Camera, 4mm

Another bullet camera I love, majorly for its 3 megapixels high resolution, pretty badass for surveillance right?

This camera is one with a very friendly price tag, yet it offers full HD 1080p video output and low illumination throughout the entire night and day.

It’s got a remarkable picture quality with easy hardware and IP address setup.

But there is a couple of issues, the most import is that some of these cameras come with an English firmware while they actually are China made.

Heck of a grey market right?

This then creates other problems such as the lack of warranty coverage on some products and firmware updates were impossible.

Find this product here.

Foscam HD 1080P Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Camera

Welcome to the world of freebies,

First off you enjoy about 50 percent price slash with this camera, You also get a free trial period with the Foscam cloud, or you use the local recording only

It basically is an advanced CCTV with plug and play provided by any connected Foscam app; form Windows to iOS and Android devices. There’s motion detection, triggers alert with instant phone and email notifications. It has high-intensity infrared enabled LEDs that allow it to see during the day or night, for a distance up to 65 feet.

It gets better; it has an auto IR-cut filter that adjusts dark faces under heavy light and a viewing angle of 118°.

You also enjoy the usual two way audio, waterproof and weatherproof effect and a couple of warranty-months.


Foscam left an external antenna on it, for those of us that just can’t seem to stop loving the classic look of antennas; you should also know it supports 3rd party apps.

Alas, the bad part, someone complained of something going awfully wrong with the WI-FI, that even 10 feet from the camera, no feed was observed, guess that’s a unit specific error though.

Find this product here.

Foscam FI9828P 1280x960p Weatherproof Wi-fi Outdoor Security Camera with 3x Optical Zoom.

So as not to get carried away by aesthetics here, Dome shaped surveillance cameras are great too, and the Foscam F19828P is a perfect example.

Enjoy 3 times optical zoom with 1280 by 960p display resolution, infrared night vision up to about 26 feet at night and about 60 feet in the day time.

It is waterproof and weatherproof, perfect for the outdoors, WI-FI compatible, free Foscam iOS and Android apps compatible.

You may encrypt if you so wish, with WPA, WEP, and WPA2.

It also bears an audio jack for external mic and speakers and it supports all windows operating systems and browsers.

You are also entitled to a free trial of the fiscal cloud for real-time storage and viewing of your feeds, or you could choose instead to record to your computer hard drive.

These feeds are compressible so you may have enough space to keep store extra feeds. Quick and easy setup and you’d even have a license to operate it with blue Iris.

Now you may wonder “doesn’t this camera have any flaw?”

Well, it’s a machine and it must obey the laws of Physics.

So first, it has quite a limited upward tilt, which means you won’t be enjoying a perfect viewing angle unless you fix it right under your ceiling.

The nighttime image isn’t so good, compared to the daytime but it still maintains great zoom-in and zoom-out effects.

And finally, you lose too many services after the FoscamCloud trial period. I hope they improve on this though since there’s an alternate storage unit available.

That said,

you can find this camera here.

Sequro GuardPro DIY Long Range Wireless Video Surveillance System

DIY, plug and play, those are the common terms you hear when dealing with this Sequro camera.

Pretty easy to install because it’s pre-assembled in the package. It offers 720p HD outdoor monitoring with a touch-screen monitor of its own, which can be quad-split to manage all four cameras at the same time.

With clear HD or VGA video and audio, it supports up to 256gig micro SD card.

The Sequro GuardPro app is free and no need for a subscription since you’d be using a local memory chip instead of a cloud.

The product comes with 2 antennas, 2 camera adapter, and one Ethernet cable among other items such as installation kit.

Its motion detector comes with adjustable sensitivity so you would be free of false alarms; it also has its waterproof and weatherproof systems in place. It can work at any transmission distance but scarcely beyond 500 feet.

With all these great features, the camera has its limits too,

It’s a 720p HD which is far less to what most people want. The quality is fine for me though, depends entirely on what you find suiting but the good news is that it doesn’t develop limits after a free cloud trial month because… remember; there’s no cloud.

There also have been complaints about the viewing angle not being large enough, can’t say much about this because I’m not that Tech oriented, but with what this camera has shown me, I think it’s OK, at least for starters.

You may see for yourself here.

YI Outdoor Security Camera, 1080p Cloud Cam 2.4G Wireless IP Waterproof Night Vision Surveillance System

The company says its more than just a camera but a personal guard, after about 4 years in the design process,

Now we are about to find out.

The YI Outdoor Security Camera combines elegance and acute security.
It is weatherproof, waterproof and dustproof, records a clear 1080p image with its 110° wide angle lens.

It has a ball mount to adjust the viewing direction as you want. You equally get a 50 feet long night vision capability provided by 12 Infrared LEDs.

You can even custom-adjust the alerts to pop up on your phone or not, and if course you have the YI cloud to safely store your feeds, with this we already know it’s a one month free and then subscribe to cloud service thing, followed by a sorry situation with an inactive camera if you fail to subscribe but thankfully such is not the case here, still works fine but not perfect if you don’t subscribe.

The surveillance system is also built on a specific algorithm that allows your sensors to detect threatening motion only, so yea, your kitten running out the backyard won’t sound the alarm.

Some cameras may start to fault after a few months of purchase, it’s unit specific though, the warranty covers it and hopefully you’ll not be unlucky enough to buy such.

Find this camera here.

Defender Digital Wireless DVR Security System with 7 Inch LCD Monitor

Just like its name, this camera looks pretty badass, and I do hope its features meet up with the badassery too.

It’s a wireless SD card using surveillance system, so you are free of frustrating cable entanglements and it comes with a monitor of its own.
18 infrared LEDs sees up to 40 feet away at night, and you’d also get an a/v cable which could connect your monitor to another TV.

It is waterproof and weatherproof, includes an end to end mouthpiece and speaker to communicate with the person at the other end.

You power using adapter cables, so no dead batteries, but there’s a need to keep close to the house.

The unit Takes a maximum of 4 cameras and you can set the recording to be motion triggered, which is a good trick to save memory space or on the other hand, you use the 24-hour recording, motion or not.

It comes for a pocket-friendly price, and it’s quite durable but I was able to talk to someone who complained all the cameras can’t record simultaneously and for that reason, he’s not happy with the system.

I’m not so sure about that but I believe it’s something that can be fixed. Another issue you might be faced with is that in case of a power outage, your recording ceases as your DVR resets and then manually restarting the DVR resumes recording.

While this may not be considered as a major drawback by most people, the Phoenix still remains a great product and more importantly, you get a 1-year warranty.

Find this camera here.

Wireless iCamera 1000 Outdoor/indoor Night Vision

This is one of those ‘hard to detect’, ‘never really camera-looking’ kind of camera by iControl networks.

Perfect for the outdoor incognito, it is a wireless, tiny, low light surveillance unit that efficiently covers a wide viewing range.

It is dustproof and weatherproof, being a wireless camera can be placed as far as you want it to be but you will need an AC adapter as it runs only on AC (no battery alternatives), however, you can design a solar battery to power it if you are that tech savvy.

If you want it wired to the house it also supports that and you’d be enjoying the full power of 12 infrared LEDs for night vision. It’s got good feed quality and it’s easy to mount and compatible with certain 3rd party softwares like blue iris and iSpy, therefore can be used as a Webcam.

So if you are a fan of ‘not too obvious’ you may want to run after this device, of course, that’s if you don’t mind related issues such as; the lights remaining on, making it quite obvious at night, and it, unfortunately, has no in-built audio input.

Still a good product for such a gentle price you know?

Find this camera here.

ANNKE 8 Channel Security Camera System 5-in-1 H.264+ DVR with 1TB Surveillance

I do hope this product here has a great review as my list is running out but I’m yet to find you a ‘perfect machine’.

Anyway, let’s break it down.

ANNKE 8 Channel Security Camera System Comes with 4 cameras which can be extended to 8. It offers a 2-megapixel image sensor and 1080p video quality both HDMI and VGA compatible.

8 analog channels and 2 IP channels (960p though) so in case you already started seeing 8/10 CH and was wondering what exactly is going on. The 3.6mm lens sees both day and night with 12 IR LEDs (night vision), remarkable motion detection which can be time and magnitude customized and it survives a -4 to 140 ° Fahrenheit temperature range.

Easy access to feeds from your smart devices, iOS or Android, playback delay is minimal and output picture is great.

Annke also offers the very best warranty support you can ever find on surveillance cameras, a whopping 2-year warranty and 90 days money back guarantee, anything more than this is rather celestial.

A couple of mixed feelings with the customer reviews here and there, this suggests that the errors encountered were unit specific and the ugliest of them was the issue with all cameras going off at the same time.
while I’m not so sure what could have caused that, I’m sure the customer support is more than capable of handling it.

Look here to see for yourself.

XVIM 8CH 4-in-1 720P DVR Security Camera System CCTV Recorder with 1TB Hard Drive

This is a regular office surveillance unit with no special intimidating look, keeps an eye out for you whenever you are not around.

Its features include a 1 terabyte local hard disk space and the XVRpro app allows you to view your recordings anytime, anywhere on any connected device or you may playback on your computer monitor or TV.

A unit comes with four cameras but there are channels for adding up to a maximum of 8. Enjoy good quality night vision with 24 infrared LEDs with a reach of up to 85 feet and you also get the full service of a motion detector that is customized to your suiting, which when activated your phone is buzzed up with the alarm mail.

The camera is waterproof and weatherproof, video quality is OK at 720p and most importantly you get a 1-year quality warranty, 60-day replacement, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

The only drawback is that; the camera is mountable on one axis only,
But still of the best grades, I’ve seen around.

Find this product here.

Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System (4 Pack)

This Alexa compatible wireless surveillance unit is powered from an AC circuit and comes with four cameras, waterproof, weatherproof and aesthetically classic.

It has a motion detection feature which you can customize to focus on a particular area or be triggered by a certain magnitude of motion. With this, you are able to outsmart false alarms and the distractions that come with it.

You’d also enjoy cloud services which means you have the first month free, followed by subsequent monthly subscriptions.

Auto-switch infrared LEDs are also present to cover as far as 65 feet at night and camera resolution is 720p with an 81° viewing angle, but with no intercom facility.

It gets worse; 3rd party apps are not so supported and the cloud storage fails to back up your HD videos but backs up the photographs per 12 seconds instead. This probably means the charges for the monthly subscription would be low, don’t know for sure.

Find this camera here.

R-Tech CA-IR140-HD 4-in-1 AHD/CVI/TVI/Analog Outdoor Bullet Security Camera

It’s a single bullet camera acutely designed to serve its surveillance purpose, not too pretty, not too aesthetic and rather uniquely made for the outdoors.

The R-Tech Security Camera has a 2.8 to 12mm lens, 104op effective and an input of 12 volts, 500mA from a DC source, which means you could do the math and build a solar panel to power it if you intend to stash it deep in the woods and you are geeky enough.

The unit is analog in design so it’s compatible with your BNC cables. It is waterproof as anticipated and it has night vision capabilities provided by 36 infrared LEDs which are able to see up to 164 feet in stack darkness, beats any other on this list.

Video output is 720p and it can take up to 4 of those. It has no batteries as it runs on your home circuit and most importantly it has a 1 year US warranty, 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked) and a lifetime tech support.

Now, the part I don’t enjoy; this camera is said not to have the over 100 feet night vision it claims and its picture quality is poor. Zooming in and out would be an issue if you are a first-time surveillance user with this.
Nonetheless, it’s primarily okay.

Find this product here.

ZOSI 1/3″ CMOS 1000TVL 960H CCTV Home Surveillance

In the tech field, it is natural for startup companies to keep up efforts to make a perfect version of a device that is yet to have one.

That was how the Zosi company joined the fray sometime in 2006, and today it offers you the Zosi 1000TVL surveillance unit (camera only, no DVR).

This camera is built to last while actively revealing the hidden areas on your property day and night. It is built with an aluminum frame, equipped with 1000tv lines and a 3mm wide lens. It has 36 pieces of infrared LEDs that allow night vision up to 100 feet across the darkness.

It is hard wired with no wireless capabilities and also doesn’t come with a DVR or power cables, guess this accounts for the lower than $20 price tag.
It takes in a 12v and a direct current of 0.5 amperes and you’d get a 1-year warranty and lifetime tech support.

Complains include; bad motion detector as you keep getting unnecessary alerts when not its customized, and the instructions on the manual isn’t specific enough, you may have to rely on YouTube videos to fix it up.

See this camera here

Microseven HD Works with Alexa, Free 24Hr Cloud, Build-in Microphone 1080P/30fps Wi-Fi +POE Outdoor IP Camera.

Ok, this guy right here aesthetically looks like the granddad of badassery.
The CMOS is designed on a Sony template and I guess that explains a lot already, at least gives it a major spot on the list of the best security surveillance cameras 2019.

It has an intercom 2-way audio and speaker, a local memory of 128GB with alternative cloud storage and a 1080p HD display with 30 frames per second.

The lens is 3.6mm 3megapixel with a 90° viewing angle.

It gets better its;

It’s mount on a universal ball that points in any direction and has 36 infrared LEDs that goes 50 feet far (which has a disable option if it’s to be mounted behind a glass). The metal casting is standard IP66, and it works over Wi-Fi, POE or the usual cable depending on your choice and needs.

Web server is available to remotely view feeds from your smart device, and it is equipped with a responsive motion detector, compatible with Alexa and ONVIF 2.0.

This surveillance unit is the closest to ‘perfect’ on this list, my desperate search for faults and negative reviews came to a tiring end.
Find it here


Do I need a surveillance system?

It’s ok to ask this so you may have a clear sense of direction, and in an honest response; Yes you do!

So long safety and security remain of prime importance.

Besides, there would be times when you may have to leave your kids at home and go get a job done, not a bad idea at all if you could keep an eye on them from wherever you are.

What cost should I prepare for?

This depends on your security needs and the choice of the surveillance system, do you want a single camera?

4 or 8?

Beware with more than one camera you are able to cover virtually all your property,

Do you want to have a cloud feature where you are able to back up your security feeds on the internet?

Do you want to be able to communicate with the person at the door, or all you want is to see what they are up to.

Am I interested in indoor surveillance or outdoor?

Providing the right answers to this question helps you select the best camera at the best price but on average, the cost is between $20 and $250

What features does it offer?

You would enjoy good 1080p HD display

Back up videos for evidence and documentation

See your property clearly in the night with Night vision
Motion detection to announce the presence of uninvited guests

An automatic alarm that is followed up with a video recording of what triggered it

The ease of remotely instructing who needs to, even with voice control (Alexa) and lots more…

Final Verdict.

Home surveillance is a great addition to security, you may now have the peace of mind you really desire, and it’s better to get it yourself than wait until an unfortunate event prompts you to.

Now, point-blank the best on this list, price, and feature considered are Microseven HD, while the sleekest is the Nest and all 27 cameras are great as they appear on the list.

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